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Original 6I-0384 Marine-Luftfilter, äquivalent zu PA30076 AFM8033 23508033

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Kalmar Equipment Filter

Kalmar Equipment Filter

Introducing the Kalmar Equipment Filter – Your Reliable Solution for Optimal Performance When it comes to enhancing the efficiency and longevity of Kalmar terminal tractors, forklifts, empty container handlers, and reachstackers, there's one name you can trust: the Kalmar Equipment Filter. Expertly engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, this top-of-the-line filter is designed to deliver unparalleled filtration performance. Unleash the Power of Superior Filtration At Kalmar, we understand the crucial role that clean and uncontaminated fluids play in the smooth operation of heavy machinery. That's why we have developed the Equipment Filter with utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring that even the tiniest particles and impurities are effectively captured and eliminated. Rest assured that your equipment will remain free from harmful pollutants, enhancing its efficiency and extending its lifespan. Uncompromising Quality and Reliability Kalmar is renowned for its commitment to quality, and the Equipment Filter is no exception. Crafted from premium materials and utilizing state-of-the-art technology, this filter is built to withstand the harshest conditions and deliver consistent performance. Whether you're operating in dusty environments or tackling heavy-duty tasks, our Equipment Filter remains a trusted companion that never compromises on reliability. Effortless Installation and Maintenance Simplicity and convenience are key considerations in today's fast-paced industries, and the Kalmar Equipment Filter reflects this philosophy. With its user-friendly design, installing and maintaining the filter is a breeze. Save time and minimize downtime as our filter seamlessly integrates into your existing equipment system, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – maximizing productivity. Unmatched Compatibility Embracing versatility, the Kalmar Equipment Filter is specifically engineered to perfectly fit Kalmar terminal tractors, forklifts, empty container handlers, and reachstackers. With its precise specifications and tailored compatibility, our filter effortlessly integrates into your machinery, ensuring a seamless and efficient filtration process. Invest in Excellence By opting for the Kalmar Equipment Filter, you're making a wise investment in the long-term performance and reliability of your Kalmar equipment. Choose excellence, choose the filter that guarantees outstanding filtration, unparalleled durability, and effortless installation. Experience the Difference Today! Join countless satisfied customers who have already experienced the difference with the Kalmar Equipment Filter. Enhance your equipment's performance, protect your investment, and optimize productivity with this exceptional filtration solution. Trust in Kalmar – a name synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability. Upgrade to the Kalmar Equipment Filter and unlock the full potential of your machinery. Reach new heights of efficiency, reliab...

Original 6I-0384 Marine-Luftfilter, äquivalent zu PA30076 AFM8033 23508033

Der Marine-Luftfilter  6I-0384  entspricht PA30076 AFM8033 23508033  49384.  Anwendung für  Caterpillar-Schiffsmotoren 3412, 3412B, 3412E.
  • Einzelheiten
Original 6I-0384 Marine-Luftfilter, äquivalent zu PA30076 AFM8033 23508033

6I-0384 Parameter:
305 mm
228 mm
192/176 mm

6I-0384 Entspricht:
Baldwin PA30076
Racor AFM8033
GM 23508033
WIX 49384
Walker CD197
Hifi HR16451

6I-0384 Bild:
Original 6I-0384 Marine-Luftfilter, äquivalent zu PA30076 AFM8033 23508033
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Wir führen den Filterhandel seit 2009. Unser Ölfilter wird nach Europa, Amerika und Südostasien etc. verkauft. Wir hoffen, Ihr langjähriger Lieferant in China zu sein.

Perkins Long Life Luftelement 26510214

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