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  • Fleetguard Duralite Luftfilter AF26185

    Fleetguard Duralite Luftfilter AF26185

    Der Fleetguard Duralite Air Cleaner AF26185 Material und Technologie entsprechen dem echten Standard. Teilenummer: AF26185 Teilname: Duralite Air Cleaner Marke: Fleetguard

  • Fleetguard Luftfilter AF4727

    Fleetguard Luftfilter AF4727

    Der Fleetguard-Luftfilter AF4727 entspricht Baldwin PA4809, Scania 397813, Woodgate WGA458S. Teilenummer: AF4727 Teilname: Luftfilter Marke: Fleetguard

  • Kalmar-Hydraulikfilter 9239440053

    Kalmar-Hydraulikfilter 9239440053

    Der Kalmar-Hydraulikfilter 9239440053 entspricht Fleetguard HF35370, Baldwin PT23059-MPG. Teilenummer: 9239440053 Teilname: Hydraulikfilter Marke: Kalmar

  • MTU-Ölfilter 5241840501

    MTU-Ölfilter 5241840501 524180501

    Der MTU-Ölfilter 5241840501 entspricht Donaldson P550512, Baldwin B7229, Fleetguard LF17473, MTU 524180501, Partmo-Filter A4090, Perlini 5241840501. Teilenummer: 5241840501 Teilname: Ölfilter Marke: MTU

  • Caterpillar-Filterbaugruppe 238-8864

    Caterpillar-Filterbaugruppe 238-8864

    Die Caterpillar-Filterbaugruppe 238-8864 entspricht Perkins 4132A018, FG Wilson 10000-46303. Teilenummer: 238-8864 Teilname: Filterbaugruppe Marke: Caterpillar

  • Hyundai-Ölfilter 26325-83910

    Hyundai Ölfilter 26325-83910 Mitsubishi ME064356

    Der Hyundai-Ölfilter 26325-83910 entspricht Mitsubishi ME064356. Teilenummer: 26325-83910, 2632583910 Teilname: Ölfilter Marke: Hyundai


"China Everlasting" air filter features and function introduction

The air filter of the engine is equivalent to the human respiratory system. It is the first level that air passes through the engine. Its function is to filter out harmful substances in the air (including dust, pollen, tire particles, sand dust, etc.). Therefore, the air entering the engine is relatively pure, improving the fuel economy of the engine, promoting the full combustion of the oil, and ensuring the normal operation of the engine. The inferior air can not capture the fine particles in the air to the maximum extent, and the filtration precision is low, resulting in cylinder wear. 7 times increase, piston wear is increased by 3 times, piston ring wear is increased by 8 times. If the air purifier is not replaced on time, it will cause excessive dust accumulation on the filter paper, and the intake resistance will increase, causing the engine power to drop or the fuel consumption to rise. %, once these substances are trapped in the throttle position, it will cause the throttle to be issued, which will cause the engine computer to make data errors when receiving and outputting data, resulting in poor engine performance. "China Everlasting" air filter features: 1. Scientific process guarantee 2. advanced structural design 3. Reliable and reasonable materials 4. the formation of high filtration efficiency

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