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Victory in hiking around the island in Xiamen!

Victory in hiking around the island in Xiamen!

Victory in hiking around the island in Xiamen! On November 11th, 2023, our company organized a team-building activity, the Xiamen Island Hiking Challenge. Our team members had been preparing for this event for two months, gradually increasing our weekly hiking distance from 15 kilometers to 35 kilometers. Some of us completed the training effortlessly, while others developed blisters on their feet. However, the sense of accomplishment we felt in our hearts was unparalleled. The weather on the day of the hike was pleasantly cool, with overcast skies and a gentle sea breeze. Our team members were in high spirits, filled with determination to conquer the challenge ahead. But the journey was long, and as expected, fatigue set in, along with blisters on our feet and even chafing on our chests. Nevertheless, we persevered, driven by the indomitable spirit of our team, We fearlessly faced the hardships and courageously pushed forward. We had a quick lunch, consuming only a bread and a bottle of water, in order to save time and continue our journey. The remaining path seemed never-ending, but we were undeterred. With unwavering determination, we marched forward, supporting and encouraging each other at every step. In the end, we proudly conquered the Xiamen Island Hiking Challenge and obtained our well-deserved hiking medals. It was a victorious moment that we achieved through the continuous support and unyielding perseverance of our team members. We proved that together we can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. This team-building activity not only tested our physical endurance but also strengthened our bond as a team. We learned the value of preparation, resilience, and unity. It was an unforgettable experience that will forever be inscribed in our memories as a testament to our collective spirit and determination to overcome challenges.

Öl und Ölfilterschritte ersetzen
1 Lassen Sie die Maschine warmlaufen, stoppen und schließen Sie das Luftauslassventil und drehen Sie die Kraftstoffschraube eine Umdrehung heraus, um das System druckentlasten zu lassen.

2 Öffnen Sie das Ablassventil und lassen Sie das Öl ab. Schließen Sie nach dem Ablassen des Öls das Ventil und transportieren Sie das Öl zur örtlichen Altölbehandlungsstelle.

3 Entfernen Sie den Ölfilter.

4 Reinigen Sie den Ölfilterhalter, geben Sie Schmiermittel in die Dichtung des neuen Ölfilters und ziehen Sie den Ölfilter von Hand fest.

5 Entfernen Sie den Einfüllstopfen und tanken Sie nach, bis der Ölstand den Stopfen erreicht. Den Einfüllstopfen wieder festziehen.

6 Lassen Sie die Maschine einige Minuten laufen, halten Sie an und warten Sie einige Minuten, bis sich der Ölstand stabilisiert hat. Lassen Sie das System Druck entlasten, indem Sie den Einfüllstopfen herausdrehen. Tanken Sie, bis der Ölstand den gewünschten Wert erreicht, und ziehen Sie die Verschlussschraube fest.

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